What is Importance of Technical search engine optimization(SEO)
What is Importance of Technical search engine optimization(SEO)

What is Importance of Technical search engine optimization(SEO)

Importance of Technical SEO

There are people out there doing SEO search engine optimization  for clients, who write unique content and get links for a client. I 100% agree that both of these are important from a ranking standpoint but are they important if your website is not technically well set?

Not my opinion on that, you can give link after link from some of the best sites in the world, but if your technical SEO search engine optimization is not sound, it is not really going to have the desired effect. People often think that SEO seems too easy to be true, some links and some articles and all these rankings appear. On a daily basis I ask people to contact me for an opinion or website audit and the results are dangerous. Very basic improvements on the technical side often go unnoticed because people don’t audit the site or simply don’t understand how Google crawls a website or how websites need to be structured to do well on search engines. is.

I had some good conversations with Don Anderson and Peter Nicoleo, whom we know about some horror stories and how some very basic technological improvements often go unnoticed and it is from these technical improvements that All can make a difference.

So what is technical SEO

Technical SEO is not some minor diversion, it can be very complex but using regular site audits, server log analysis and other analytics tools will help you understand how your website is working and especially the search engines How are you viewing your website? Some of the most common problems we see with websites from a technical standpoint are something that other SEOs often miss:

Enhancing bot experience as user experience
Slow loading speed
Mixed content due to poor SSL migration
Temporary redirects used instead of 301 redirects
Lack of understanding on how CSS, JS and other code work
There is more that I will elaborate on a little more below because some of the above are original but there is so much in the back of a website that you can make sure that you can use some leverage in your competition. To achieve these improvements.

Website architecture

Websites are always growing and some thinking is required to move to site structure, especially where e-commerce websites are concerned and some of these technical SEO improvements need to be made. Your site needs to be regularly checked and audited to ensure that you too are at the top of your game. Over and above all original on-page SEO like title tags, unique content, image tagging, meta descriptions and much more before you go away and start your work before implementing your keywords after hours of research and competitor analysis Have to think. Link building efforts.

  1. Using your robots.txt file to properly direct search engines and maybe no specific specific URL
  2. Canonicalisation
  3. Cannibalisation
  4. URL formatting
  5. Using the right parameters for dynamic materials such as product filters, etc.
  6. Pagination
  7. Structured data
  8. Internal linking
  9. & very much
  10. Log file analysis

After doing all of the above you move on to log file analysis, now this is an area that is often missed. In my experience some SEOs do not even conduct regular site audits, let alone look at server logs and understand how search engines are crawling your website. Fixing any problems on your website will result in better rankings, more sales and more money for the business, so I’m not sure why people ignore this area over and over again. There are tools to assist you in this analysis such as Splunk, Goeset, Logzio and many others that will be able to help you identify any issues.

The most important part of log analysis for me is that you want to make sure that Google is crawling and indexing all the pages you want to rank on the website (nothing else) filter pages, contact pages and many more Forget about values ​​page ranking well.

You may want to analyze any error codes as many of these search engines will lack crawling your website due to which pages may be indexed and rankings may fall.

In terms of placing it on top of your response code, you want to make sure that you do not have any broken links, 404 errors, or 302 redirections. 302 redirects do not pass any link jus and in almost every case there should be 301 redirects. (Kick your developer to do this).

Crawl budget

This is the one thing you need to keep a close watch on, you don’t want the search engine to crawl all your duplicate URLs, or any URL you suggest doesn’t matter.

For example, your analysis can guide you to the fact that Google will give you a crawl budget of 1000 pages per day, you want search engines to crawl your pages that are designed to rank (and some No) You do not want your script to copy URLs or any other wasted pages in your crawl budget. This is the type of data that your log analysis will give you. Search


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