Move Your Blog from to third part

Move Your Blog from to third part

 Enter your blog link

If you use the link feature in your blog to place blogs or other links, then you need to follow these instructions to import them. Users who have not used this feature can proceed with

The blog link is exported in OPML format. It is an XML format that allows you to export, import and link categories. Your link contains an OPML file that contains the following URLs:

Change your blog subdomain. If you use a particular domain with your blog, you can access your OPML file by visiting the URL below.

Your OPML file will open in your browser window, and you need to save it on your desktop. To save the file to your computer, click CTRL + S (Command + S) on the Mac.

Now that you have a copy of your links, the next step is to import them into WordPress. However, self-hosted WordPress does not have a link manager that is enabled by default.

You must install and activate the link manager plugin. The additional application page states that it has not been updated in the last two years. Since it does not need to be updated, you can install this plugin safely.

After activating, the plugin will include a new menu on your WordPress admin called ‘link’.

Guide Manager on WordPress:

Your WordPress site can now manage blogs, and you can import them securely. Go to Tools »Import and click Blogroll to install OPML Importer.

Blogger Importer

You will be directed to the importer after installation. Where you need to download an already saved OPML file: Click the Import OPML File button.

Import an OPML File into Word

WordPress will now import your links and link categories from the OPML file. You will be able to see progress, and at the end you will see the message of success.

Successful completion of start of blogroll link

Create your blog in private

Now, if you do not want to redirect your old users to a new site, this will be your last step.

You need to go to the page reading Settings »in your blog management area. The latest version in the “Site Visibility” section “I want my blog to be private, visible only to users to choose from.”

Make private

Note: If you write for a while and are a loyal listener, there is no point hanging them.

Also, if your blog has been available for some time, chances are it will be indexed by Google and other search engines. You can save all search engine rankings and easily redirect your old users to your new blog by following step 6 (strongly recommended if your site is posted).

Step 6. Redirect visitors and maintain SEO
With Chapter 301 redirecting users to a new location is the standard solution for storing search rankings when moving sites from one location to another. Since does not have access to .htaccess, you cannot make any changes yourself to maintain search engine rankings. However, offers a paid update feature called Redirect that provides this feature.

Just go to the blog panel and click on the “Settings” menu item. In the “Site Addresses” option, click on the “Redirect” link.

Website redirect link:

On the next screen, you will be asked to provide the domain name where you want the visitor to be redirected. Enter your new domain name and click the Go button.

Change your shopping site from to

Some of you are asking how much time I have to give for this external redirection. Answer as long as you want. However, we personally believe that 2 years will be enough for your old users to remember your new domain name.

If you change the domain, one of the things you want to do is update all the addresses listed in the message. If you ever mix your posts, those links should be updated. How can you use your article how to update the URL while moving your WordPress site?

If you have a personal domain in, don’t worry

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