Move Your Blog from to third part

Move Your Blog from to second part

Export Data from

First you need to sign in to your account and go to your blog’s dashboard. From the left column, you need to click on the WP Admin link to open the admin area of your blog.

Clicking on the Export tool will take you to a new page, where you will be asked to choose from a free or guided transfer. You need to select the free option by clicking the ‘Start Export’ button. On the next screen, you will be asked what data you want to export. Select “All Content” and press the

The exporter will now download an XML file to your computer. This file will contain all your posts, pages, pictures, comments, custom fields, categories, tags, navigation menus and other information.

Setting up wordpress

Now that you have exported your data, the next step is to install a fresh WordPress on your web hosting.

Installing WordPress is very easy, and it takes just a few clicks. If you have signed up with Bluehost as mentioned above, then WordPress will be automatically installed for you.

Alternatively, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to install WordPress within 5 minutes.

Once you install WordPress, it’s time to import your content into your new self-hosted WordPress website.

Enter content on your own WordPress site

To import your old content from to your new website, you need to log in to your newly installed WordPress site management area. From here you need to go to the “Tools” import page and click the “Install Now” button under WordPress.

WordPress will now install the WordPress importer for you. Once it’s done, you need to click on the ‘Run importer’ link to continue

Note: If your file size is larger than 2 MB, you have two options. One is to ask your web hosting company to temporarily increase that limit so that you can continue this process. Another option would be to split your file using the WXR file distributor.

When you start importing, you will have the opportunity to attribute the imported content to the existing user or create a new user. You will also have the opportunity to import your old applications. It is important that you check this box so that your image files are imported correctly.

Move Your Blog from to third part

Move Your Blog from to

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