How to google search engines work
How to search engines work

How to google search engines work

The search engine is a very complex system. There is a network of stops for the way you need to look, which can provide the user with the right information before they hit. There are billions of websites out there and the job of a search engine is to choose which sites will be on the search engine (indexed) and show results based on the keywords the user has entered.

Spider (Crawlers)

These are ‘bots’ that search engines worldwide scan through the web to find new websites and pages to add to their databases. For spiders to do this successfully it is really important that websites are easily crawlable. Sites with broken links, poor URL structures, etc. can cause spiders to pull out and your pages may not end up on search engines.

What the spiders will also do is check the contents of the page to see if it’s suitable to appear on the search engine and also what kind of keywords it will show for.


To use a search engine, you enter a keyword into the search bar and it will provide you with a list of results. How a search engine determines what it shows you are a complicated process. The first process is the when it thinks about relevance. The search engines have to crawl your website. This is the search engines analysing your page to see if it’s suitable to show.

For example, say you have a piece of content on your site that is talking about a mobile. If that is made clear throughout the page then the search engine can crawl the page, see what the page is about and decide firstly if it’s going to index the page and secondly, how high on the search results it will appear for the keyword ‘mobile’ and any other keywords related.


Every search engine out there has certain guidelines that they need every website to follow. As you know there are obviously certain things out there on the internet that are illegal etc and should not be made easily accessible by a search engine. There are also people who use certain spamming techniques to try and trick the search engine into providing people with there website above others when it isn’t really justified. It’s really worthwhile reading into the guidelines of any search engines that you want to rank a website on so you get a better understanding of what they are looking for from you.

How do the search engines work? So, much-asked question by everyone. No one knows exactly how the algorithm works or anything like that, but you see people googling how do the search engines work? People see using the three-step process. There are lots of different search engines out there, Google being the main one.

Basically if you look at this, it will tell you the crawl and index and the algorithm are how it all works. What I want to do is talk about a few of those things and how things work. Obviously, your website has to be built properly, first and foremost. You have to have a website that Google can crawl, index, and the bot can go in and out and check out what you’re doing and crawl and index your pages. So you’ve got bots or Google bot, if you like, if you’re asking the question of how Google works. Different search engines, and even search engine optimization tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs. They all have bots which crawl websites and obviously check out the pages, crawl all the content, energies and everything else that’s on there.

That is essentially what Google do, the bot goes about looking at websites. The first part is web crawling. So that’s one thing, so you hear people mentioning that the bot, spider or whatever, crawler, it’s the same thing. What we have is a tool called Google search console. It’s wise to install Google search console first and foremost purely … well, not purely because it does a lot of different things. But you know, if you want to see how Google’s crawling your website, what it’s indexing, if there are any problems, then the search console can give you all that information.

I said, Google indexes the pages of your website that you want to crawl, and then what it should do. Now, creep is one thing. It is one thing to allow Google to crawl your website. The second is to index the reference. The most common problem is of people who copy and paste the content. Now, if you can copy and paste the contents of another website, or a supplier’s list or whatever it may be, and put it on your website, the chances of that page being indexed are Depends on how much you copied.

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