Broom Challenge” takes social media by storm once again

FLINT, Mich – Scroll through social media and you’ll see broom pictures and videos on your hands.

A common post on Twitter stated that “you can only stand a broom today due to a gravitational pull that will only occur today.”

People are also quoting from NASA that NASA announced that on February 10, and only on February 10, people could pick up the broom due to the gravitational pull of the Earth.

NASA has not posted anything about the broom challenge

Fun, right? right.
But the truth is, you can put a broom upright today … and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow … and the next day.
It has nothing to do with the gravity of the Earth on a given day. It also has nothing to do with the equinox (another day of the year when it is considered “magic”).
Instead, it has everything to do with balance.
The center of gravity is low on a sweep, and rests directly overhead. Which means, if you can attach bristles like a tripod, your broom will stand upright any day of the year.

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