Add Google Translate in WordPress
Add Google Translate in WordPress

Add Google Translate in WordPress

We simply use Google Translate to translate the site to English. This is not always the best, but it is sufficient for comprehension purposes. In this article, we will show you how to add Google Translate to WordPress.

Adding  in WordPress

First of all you have to install and activate the Google Language Translator plugin. activating plugin go to Settings Google Language Translator to configure the plugin.
Make sure that the check box next to the plugin status is checked. After that you have to choose the default language of your website, and the languages that you want to be available for translation. Once you are done simply save your plugin settings.

After saving the settings for the Google Language Translator plugin, go to Surat »Widget. Drag and drop the ‘Google Language Translator‘ widget on the sidebar of your blog.

save your plugin settings

Google Translate not only allows your users to read the translated version of your website, but it also allows them to translate your website. Your readers can help improve the machine translation of any page by suggesting improvements to Google Translate. In fact, if you have a good reader base, you can have your entire website translated by volunteers.

We hope that this article helped you add Google Translate to your WordPress website. The Google Chrome browser adds a translation option by default when it detects a different language on the page, but other browsers do not. Do you think webmasters should provide translation tools on their website

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